Sunday, May 23, 2010

Frugal Fashion Layout

Hi, now that the concerts and recitals are over, I can focus on my Paper Crafting again.
I am taking Frugal Fashion in 4-H. It is a project where you shop consignment and thrift stores to put together an outfit that looks great but is at the most cost effective prices.
So I found a darling dress at JCPenney's on sale for $1.47, then a Pink Liz Claiborne purse for $3.99 at Goodwill, along with Hot Pink between the toe sandles with a big flower on them that matches my dress for 2.99. So what a bargain of an outfit that looks great! (Photos of it coming later)

So I needed to show my receipts so I decided to do a scrapbook page to do so.
I used the Forever Young for my lady and then added some extra flowers to her dress, and also for the "fashion" word.
Preserves for my tags and my Frugal is from Gypsy font.

I am really pleased as how it came out.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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