Sunday, May 16, 2010

What's Going On Here At Princess and the Paper!

Hey! I haven't updated for a while, so I am today. A video is uploading on YouTube, and it is part of a special challenge I'll have on later. Please be aware that if you enter a challenge and email it to me, I can put it in my Designer Gallery. Some other things I'm going to talk about are some new things we'll be doing. I might be getting a playlist, so please, if you want to, listen to that when it gets on the blog. Be aware that I love country music. :) Also, after every 10 videos, we have a celebration, so when we reach video #10, in any series, then we have challenges and fun projects I will post. I'm so sorry I can't do giveaways. I would really love to. Stay Royal Papercrafters!

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