Thursday, August 1, 2019

Cover Plates and Backdrop Video!

Hello, everyone! Jillian here. Today's post isn't a card, but since we have new cover plates being released very soon, I wanted to remind you guys how our cover plates and backdrop dies work together. I created these specifically to work with each other.

My backdrops were created back in the day because I could never cut straight backgrounds and I wanted something that would cut perfect backgrounds every time. They were created to fit on A2 size cards!

My cover plates are super fun too, and they are 1/8" smaller than the BIGGEST size of the Basic Backdrop Die. Therefore, you get a 1/16" border all around, which gives you just a little bit of dimension and color poking out.

However, if you don't want that little bit of color, all cover plates are the SAME size as our Polka Dot Backdrop set (which is not available anymore) and our Stitched Dot Backdrop die set!

Watch my video below to learn more!

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