Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blog Design and an old video!

Hi everyone! Last night I was up pretty late, and I just got up, but I thought I'd do a quick post to tell you about what I did yesterday and post an old tutorial as Tutorial of the Week. So, I did a header for Ashley, My Scrappin Palace. I also made a blinkie, but it is a button because we can't figure out how to get it to blink on the blog. Ashley  was ecstatic! I had so much fun, she found a new background, and her blog looks wonderful! My Mom's friend, Robin, couldn't get into her blog because she had placed a banner on the top and she couldn't take it off. So, let me have her username and password, and I gave her blog a total makeover! Now she can get in and she can post! So please follow her! The bird house and the whole thing behind her logo is from My Style Backgrounds and so is her background. Here is the Tutorial of the Week!

That is a quick video with a cute project!

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