Saturday, October 9, 2010

Crafty Post #1: Rattle Dem Bones!

Hi guys! Today, throughout the day I will be putting some crafty posts on for you! These will be photos of my cards since I can't make any videos right at this moment, so here is post #1 for all of you!

Okay, for this card, I used the skeleton from Happy Hauntings, which is a total pain to put together! LOL! I used a cool Cuttlebug folder, not sure which one (Sorry, I need to start putting it on here, I just don't have them with me)! Anyway, I used a spider from Paper Doll Dressup, I think, and a Scrappy Moms Stamp, from the A Haunting We Will Go! Set. See all the images here:
Stay tuned for post #2 coming soon!

1 comment:

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