Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hi! Here’s my entry for the My Pink Stamper Challenge!

This is mine.
Flower from Forever Young
Everyday Paper Dolls Peachy Keen Stamp
Spring Joy Stamp
Martha Stewart lace punch
Green Reversible ribbon from Hobby Lobby
White fancy rectangle from Stretch Your Imagination

1.       Cut flower 10 out on the Cricut using Forever Young.
2.       Put it together, and stamp it with a Peachy Keen stamp
3.       Take a piece of black paper, it can be a little bigger than the actual card, and take the lace punch. Only punch at the top.
4.       Take the rectangle, if you have it cut out, and stamp the “Spring Joy” or any spring stamp using any kind of pink ink (I used $1.00 Studio G ink)
5.       Take the ribbon, on the dots side, and use My Pink Stamper’s Cheater Method on the side of the card. Then tie a bow.
6.       Glue everything on, and you’ve got a very cute card!


Amy said...

What a beautiful card! I can't believe you are only 10 years old, wow!!! Keep up the good work!

Simply Pam said...

I love your card! The black background really makes the colors pop! Thanks for participating in the MPS Color challenge


Nicole Wright Designs said...

Great job on your card:) Keep up the crafty posts...

Natalie said...

Glad to have you in the crafting world! I hope you keep it up. I hope my daughter loves this stuff too some day!
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